This page is an archive of my past research activities, including:

  • past research interests,
  • refereed papers,
  • professional presentations,
  • teaching activities,
  • service works for the community, and
  • outreach.

Past research interests

Thesis manuscript

Refereed Papers


  • Cosmology Seminar, Durham, UK, Apr 2018. (Invited)
  • KiDS Busy Week, Edinburgh, Feb 2018.
  • Durham-Edinburgh eXtragalactic Workshop XIV, Durham, UK, Jan 2018.
  • UTD Cosmology Seminar, Dallas, USA, Jun 2016. (Invited)
  • Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy VI, Pittsburgh, USA, Jun 2016.
  • Euclid Consortium Meeting, Lisbon, Jun 2016.
  • Statistical Challenges in 21st Century Cosmology, Chania, Greece, May 2016.
  • IAP Cosmology Seminar, Paris, Sep 2015.
  • IAS Cosmology Seminar, Orsay, France, Jan 2015. (Invited)
  • ASIAA Seminar, Taipei, Jan 2015.
  • International Workshop on Cosmology and Sparsity 2, Nice, Sep 2014.
  • Euclid Consortium Meeting, Marseille, May 2014.



  • Invited lecturer, Parameter Inference in Astronomy, full 2020, National Taiwan Normal University.
  • Workshop leader, Introductory Astronomy, 2019-2020, University of Edinburgh.
  • Summer intern: Shiming Gu, summer 2018, University of Edinburgh.
  • Teaching assistant, Nonlinear Optics MOOC, 2014-2016, École Polytechnique.
  • Instructor, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, spring 2015, École Polytechnique.
  • High school project supervisor, Matière noire, fall 2014.
  • Instructor, Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Physics, spring 2013, École Polytechnique.
  • High school level tutor, 2009-2010, Collège Saint-François, France.

Service works

  • Paper reviewer for PRD.
  • Seminar organizer of the "Coffee Talks" institute seminar series, since 2018, University of Edinburgh.
  • Seminar organizer of the "CosmoClub" group seminar series, 2015-2016, CEA Saclay.
  • PhD student representative for the SAp/AIM Laboratory Council, 2014-2016, CEA Saclay.


  • Scientific translation consulting for the French version of the science fiction trilogy The Three-Body Problem, The Dark Forest, and Death's End, 2016-2018.
  • Video: Labouret T, Pinilo M, & Lin C-A (2016). Dessine ta thèse 2 - La déformation des galaxies. Video in French with English subtitles.
  • Article: Lin C-A (2015). Popular Astrophysics from Interstellar. Taiwan Natural Science, 125, 84.
  • Outreach speaker, 2013-2014, Palais de la découverte, Paris.